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Learning Landscape

We believe

Children from 3 years of age are displaying emerging independence with a greater need for socialisation.  Young children need to be exposed,
inspired and enabled to explore, inquire be curious, imagine, construct and investigate their surroundings, materials and relationships. 
Preschool assists with developing interactions and engaging in respectful interactions, using problem solving techniques and understanding and
 identifying feelings are all part of growing emotional intelligence.  This is just as important as the strengthening all other aspects of a child’s development.
Particularly as children during this age range are becoming increasingly aware of their peers as their play moves from solo to collaborative and negotiated play.

A child’s development and understanding of the world is forming during this time.  Just as their social and emotional
world is strengthening with the development of empathy and consideration for others. 
We deliver a program which is ideal for the preschools child’s interests, development, recognising individual capabilities development,
temperament, personality and uniqueness.  Our work is to recognise and tap into each child’s strengths by providing them with multiple
opportunities and a wide arrange of experiences enabling masterful work. 
Children learn by doing, observing, listening, and communicating and experiencing through their senses.

Experiences and materials are carefully selected to promote exploration, creativity and development of skills across a range
 of areas including physical, gross and fine motor skills, language and communication, social and thinking skills. 
We are guided by the National Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes, Principles and Quality Standards.
Our program incorporates the following outcomes.

                                                                                              Outcome 1          Children have a strong sense of identity  

                                                                                              Outcome 2          Children are connected and contribute to their world

                                                                                              Outcome 3          Children have strong sense of well being

                                                                                              Outcome 4          Children are confident and involved learners

                                                                                              Outcome 5          Children are effective communicators

West Moonah Community Preschool is:

A place of inspiration

A place of discovery

A place of exploration

A place of inquiry

A place of learning

A place of belonging!


Come join us and see for yourself!